Sydney Fashion Wholesaler (Australia, Fiji and New Zealand)


Who is Ginger and Orange?

Ginger and Orange is a Sydney based designer and fashion wholesale and distributor dedicated being the trend setter by bringing a name of glamour, femininity and elegance with a sophisticate touch.

Ginger and Orange wholesale and distribute to retail fashion stores and boutiques all over Sydney and around Australia, Fiji and New Zealand since 2013. We work through our friendly reputable agents both nationally and internationally.

Our distributor and agents are available and located in the heart of city ie Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Our focus is on supplying a great fashion clothing for women in their prime regardless their age (honestly age is just a number!) who value quality as well as their lifestyle.

We focus in providing the latest trendy and comfort for after-5 evening dresses, bridesmaid, party, cocktail, formal and all celebration events by using the most delicate fabric that give you not only the chic and trendy look, but comfort. Ginger and Orange emphasized a great deal about the hand-feel of the fabric is used and in order to make sure our customer will have a great night out.

We have a strong ethical approach to our business and are pleased to announce that all items carrying our label are made without the use of child labor.

Why do we think Fashion is important?

Today’s era fashion and style differ depending on several factors, including culture and traditions. Nearly every culture and religion has its apart from others. Fashion plays an important role in establishing identity, beliefs and thoughts throughout the world.

Fashion also enables people to display personality and personal preferences. It allows people to show off not only dressing style, but provides an opportunity to set trends. Feeling comfortable in certain clothing and fashion pieces also helps to boost confidence and self-esteem, so fashion has a large influence on society in most areas of the world, and trends are usually established through advertising.

It has become inevitable for people to make conscious efforts to improve the way they look through the clothes they wear and the accessories they use, and a perfect ensemble is perceived to be just as important as having daily food intake. We believe look is not everything but it is the key to the door of success. It defining one’s personality over the years.

It has been given utmost importance not only in social and non social gatherings, such as first-date, birthdays event, parties, cocktail drinks hangout, bridesmaid event, but also in other formal cases such as job interviews, presentations and business meetings. Given that society has given the fashion industry this sort of relevance in this day and age, fashion wholesale in Sydney has continued to increase in popularity.

What does Ginger and Orange do?

In Sydney, the label Ginger & Orange represents exciting fashion at an affordable prices. We design each and every piece of our key piece be selecting the best hand feel fabric, emphasizing softness and comfort to our customers.

We design and produce our garments cater for special events such as bridesmaid, weddings, cocktail dresses, school formal, party and etc. We carry size range from size 8 to size 16. Custom made orders are available.

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